Looking for marine life

A close encounter with dolphins, whales and other marine animals at sea is a very powerful experience and having the guidance of expert and passionate biologists helps transform it into a unique occasion. Since our presence has always an impact on the ecosystem we follow a Code of Good Conduct for whale watching.
Following strict rules allows us to minimise our impact on the animals we meet and the environment in which they live.
When the cetaceans are spotted, the rules applied in short are:

  1. Keep a slow and calm pace advancing constantly, within the viewing area set at a distance of 300 m
  2. The 100-meter distance is the outer limit of the no go zone where no approach is allowed
  3. Length of observation is limited to 30 minutes, 15 minutes if other boats are waiting
  4. Only one boat is allowed within the viewing area (300 m) at any one time.
  5. Never try to touch, feed or swim with a cetacean.

1st July 2018