Stay safe on the sea with confidence – check our COVID-19 measures

The health and safety of our guest is always on top of our thoughts, our staff is fully trained on using sea safety measures and now fully compliant on our COVID-19 precautions.

We defined some COVID-19 measures based on the recommendations set out by the Ministry of Health Malta and World Health Organization (WHO) to minimize the spread of the pandemic virus.

any booking can be cancelled and fully refunded for COVID-19 related reason


  • Our booking procedure is only on-line we avoid any type of contact with customers, all payments are made by Revolut, BOV bank transfer or PAYPAL
  • No tickets are printed, the vat receipt will be filled the day before the tour and enveloped for the day after.

Our staff

  • body temperatures are taken before start working
  • Wear masks when in close contact with guest for boarding and unboarding
  • Social distancing on the boat using a big and wide yachts.
  • regular hand disinfection and hand washing


  • skipper and crew will be supplied with masks and gloves
  • Guests will be provided with local emergency number – well visible on the chart table
  • Alcohol-based disinfection bottle will be provided and frequently used
  • Snorkel Equipment has to be booked 2 day before the tour in order to provide a proper disinfection.

Boat Cleaning

  • Disinfection with eco- friendly products of the interiors after every tour. we don’t use any external cleaning staff.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of all external surfaces in the cockpit and all other parts in possible contact with customers
  • lockers and cushions are disinfected before every tour


  • Guest and Crew may wear the mask during boarding procedure
  • Guests may  be requested to wear masks when social distancing cannot be observed
  • Guests will be asked ti sanitize their hands
  • Guest will come on board one by one to help the social distancing
  • a leaflet with COVID-19 symptoms and rules will be provided

On boarding hygiene

  • Guests are allowed to not wear mask if the social distance is fully respected
  • Guest must regularly wash and disinfect hands. Eco-friendly disinfecting agent will be provided on the cockpit table
  • Anyone with COVID-19 symptoms must report them immediately to the captain
  • Shoes to be taken off and disinfected on return to the boat and placed in individual bags after disinfection


  • at any time a booking can be cancelled for COVID-19 related reason and fully refunded
  • any tour can be cancelled for general increase of the COVID-19 cases .
  • if the Ministry of Health Malta define new rules that will impact on the good and safe experience provided the tour can be cancelled and fully refunded.
Social distance on our boat