Beautiful places

The Maltese Islands offer extraordinary places to visit, both from a historical and a naturalistic point of view. Despite the human exploitation of the natural resources and the territory, there are still corners of paradise with breathtaking scenery and crystal clear waters that can be enjoyed.

The majestic cliffs of Malta and Gozo, the transparent waters that take on extraordinary colours depending on the seabed, make these islands fascinating and unique. The Maltese islands represent the most important nesting sites for some imported species of seabirds and also host endemic animal and plant species of particular importance being surrounded by seas inhabited by a rich flora and fauna.

The west coastline harbours some rare and threatened habitats where dwell protected species of high conservation interest. The significance and importance of the marine environment in this area are complementary to its terrestrial counterpart.

The sea is one of the major resource and attraction in the Maltese Islands, and this is why it must be protected and cared for, contributing to keep it in good health to ensure our future.