Pinnetta the Dolphin – Book

Not everyone knows that there are seven different species of dolphins living in the Mediterranean sea. The Fin whale, the second largest animal in the world after the Blue whale, is also a marine mammal that lives here.

The book, written by Claudia Fachinetti,  narrates the story of cetaceans living in the Mediterranean Sea. With simple words, Claudia guides us into the beautiful world of bottlenose dolphins, common dolphins, striped dolphins …
Who are they? Well, reading the book you will find out.

A book not only for children. Enriched by the sheets with photos taken in the Mediterranean Sea of the eight species told in the book.

With the beautiful illustrations of Roberto Apostolo, Translated by Patrizia Patti & Sara Pace.

Edited by Patrizia Patti & Antonella Napolitano.  – More Interactive Scientific content by Patrizia Patti. A special thanks to Carmen Mifsud for the final review.

All profits will be used to continue our research about Maltese cetacean.

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