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We aim to protect the environment by sharing our experiences and knowledge.

We want help making the world greener with our eco-friendly proposals.
Green tours, environmental education and research.

We offer a unique experience in close contact with the sea, leading up to actual encounters with marine life and marine mammals.

Our target is to create an eco-boat tour with eco-friendly tours so that our customers will enhance their knowledge about the marine environment.
Such experiences will also leave an emotional impact, especially if there are encounters with dolphins or if you are ready to experience swimming at 12 miles  from the coast where the water is at 1000 metres deep.

Our tours will increase ecological awareness and help to create more respect for the conservation of the environment. This program can also be introduced in schools and serves as a hands-on project by providing a link between the classroom and the open sea.

We also intend to create a network with other ecology and conservation organisations to provide a unique, comprehensive and shared service that can be provided throughout the year. We will also offer a range of eco-friendly ancillary services: cruises for photographers, filmmakers and bird watchers, as well as free diving and snorkelling sessions for both adults and children.

Aperitifs comprising of typical local products with a sunset background will complete the picture. Our team is prepared, experienced and passionate.