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We aim to share our knoledge with who are interested to know more about sea life and its ecosystems.

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Marine Biology is one of the most thrilling and diverse subjects out there and at EcoMarine Malta we pride ourselves in offering education programs aimed at all ages, from the early swimmers to experienced sea-dogs alike.

Our founder Patrizia is herself an expert and her passion for the sea is unrivalled. Studying the natural world is extremely exciting as the fact is we know more about the surface of the moon than we do about the seas. It’s a whole new world waiting to be discovered, and there are species which are still unknown to man. 

Studying Marine Biology is fun because of the location. You will swap your traditional classroom for an outdoor area, a boat, a shore, a beach or the open sea. It’s truly fascinating and studying it is also extremely beneficial for humankind. The more people are aware of the natural world, the more they will respect it and help keep the world clean for our animals. We must always keep in mind that we co-exist on this planet, renting it out for a short period of time in our lifetime… we should only leave footprints and nothing else.

Our courses

Scientist of the Sea


Marine ScientArtist

Upcycling workshops for kids

Open your eyes with EcoMarine Malta and dive into a world which has no limits. We are constantly updating our courses to offer you and your children the best possible and most interesting topics. Keeping children involved is the key to a positive impact on the world, as, after all, they will inherit it from us, and the cycle of learned individuals will continue gaining strength. 

The ecosystems we will come across and study are breathtaking and very complex. You will learn about what species must do to survive, hunt and bear young and you will also be able to tell all your friends new facts every time you hit the beach this summer with them. 

In our field, we like to get hands-on experience and this enriches your learning, making it more interesting for you. We’ll show you new methods on tracking species, data and wow you with facts about the tiniest creatures out there… and tiny they may be, the impact they have on our own planet is massive.

We should never take our world for granted, and these Marine Biology courses will open your eye to a new way of seeing the world, and a new way of thinking. We’d love for you to join us out at sea and we also encourage you to come as teamwork is a must, so you will also get to know like-minded people who like you, love the sea and love our fragile and glorious planet.