Marine Biology Courses

Why we do

We aim to share our knoledge with who are interested to know more about sea life and its ecosystems.


SCIENTIST OF THE SEA –  age 6 onwards

This two-day educative hands-on course is based on Malta’s beautiful coast, we introduce children to a whole world of SEA. This short course lets children question, learn about and explore sea life and its ecosystems. The main focus is the Mediterranean Sea, in particular, the area that surrounds the Maltese Islands. The course offers individuals interested in the underwater world to explore the marine environment from a variety of outlooks including scientific, historical and nautical. The course consists of a one-day class session and one-day session to discover the outdoors at the seashore, with our enthusiastic and experienced team of marine professionals. The sessions include lessons, videos discussions and activities directing students to the world of marine biology and oceanography. The foundation of the course is teamwork. Participants will not only gain invaluable marine experience, and grow as students but will also grow as responsible citizens.

Min number of participants: 8

Max Number of partecipants: 30 


How long does the course last?

The course lasts two days

First day:  Classroom @Take Off Event Room, University Campus

Start time 9.00 am End time 13.00

Second day:  Field work day  Calssroom @ The beach, Għajn Tuffieħa Bay

Start time 9.00 am  End time: 14.00

Included : Water, sandwich ,ham and cheese or vegetarian.

Price:  100 Euro 2 days

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The Course

Day One: 9:00 – 13:00           

In class session @Take Off Event Room, University Campus

The first day will consist of an in-class session where through videos, audio, experiments and other resources, we shall discover different materials and methods used for the collection of scientific data. The session will consist of 45-minute lessons, with short breaks in between to allow the young scientists to relax and prepare for the following topics. This in-class session will be a preparation for the practical session held on the second day, “field work” trip on board our research boat.

Day Two: 8:30 – 15:00   Classroom @The Beach Għajn Tuffieħa

Meeting with the scientist at the beach where students can learn to recognize the main marine organisms, animals, plants, their adaptations and some nice curiosities through practical and direct experiments.

With the activity “the great search” the students, divided into groups, will explore the beach in search of some elements that will be useful during the re-elaboration phase of the information recognizing the differences between a mollusc or a crustacean, understanding what influences the colour of the sea or how a beach is formed.


The course will be held by  dedicated scientists and educators, Marine Biologist Patrizia Patti 

Medical Certificate required in case of any allergies (including but not limited to food allergies).


Age: 6 years onwards

Kids have to bring sunglasses (very important), sun cream, towel, hat, slippers, shorts, t-shirt, swimsuit and if they have a binocular.

The in-class session will be held at the University Campus in the Take Off Event room.

The field work will be held in a comfortable and safe boat. The starting point will be communicated 7 days before the start of the course (weather dependent).


Term and conditions

If the number of participants is less than 6 persons the course will be cancelled but the voucher will remain valid for the next available date the course will be held.

In case of adverse weather conditions (too much wind, very rough sea) the second lesson will be held in the classroom or on a beach with a 15% discount on the defined price.

Each voucher is valid for one person only.

The offer doesn’t include transportation from or to the place the lectures and field activity is going to be held.

We do not accept participates younger than six years of age.

Places will be confirmed 3 days before commencement of the training course at the latest. Admittance to the course will be confirmed officially.

Please do not make any travel arrangements unless you have received official confirmation

Any questions about the application process should be sent to or to 

NO refund will be granted for cancellations made seven (7) days before the course or non-attendance without cancellation.

If the number of participants is less than 6 persons the course will be cancelled but the voucher will remain valid for the next available date the course will be held or the ticket will be refound.

EcoMarine Malta Ltd reserves the right to cancel a course without liability to registrants except for full refund of tender payment.

By acquiring this offer and registration to attend this course, I hereby agree to the terms listed on the this fine print and I grant my explicit permission to the Ecomarine Malta to use my comments about the course (written and spoken) and my photo/video likeness in any future marketing and advertising materials, videos or photos provided by EcoMarine Malta are strictly prohibited unless written authorization is provided by EcoMarine Malta Ltd

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