North East sightings 2017

In 2017 we had two trial tours to validate the idea that is possible to sight marine animals also in Maltese Waters. And so it is!

North East

A day full of emotion

It is our first day of sighting here in Malta. The emotion is palpable , not only for the excellent guests that accompany us but also for the crew.

We start moving towards Gozo. It’s boiling hot even if it is only 9.00 am. We stop at 10.00 am to take the first swim in Gozo and after having appreciated Maltese nibbles and fresh fruits we go offshore. .

It is our lucky day, and even if we don’t see dolphins we spot several sea turtles anda large flock of Scopoli’s shearwater intent on fishing about 8 miles from the coast. During our journey we also spot many jellyfish and see in the distance some tuna jumping out of the waterand right next to our boat some flying fish .

On our way back we stop for a second swim, in front of Ramla beach in Gozo, and a snorkelling session we can appreciate different species of fish, among which the most spectacular are the Salpe because in large numbers, and in the crystal clear water that surrounds Gozo seems to be in the pool.

The first marine life spotting day was beautiful, Neptune gave us moments of relaxation and peace but also the sighting of incredible marine species.


We departed from San Paul Bay, straight towards Gozo, so we headed offshore up to 8 miles from the coast where there are depths of about 300m. In this area the dolphins were spotted other times, so we wanted to study the area.

At this distance we used hydrophone, to listen to underwater sounds and hear if there was any cetacean nearby. So, after a survey of about two hours in this area, we returned to Gozo for a refreshing bath and an interesting snorkelling session.

In total, we travel for 40 nm