Filfla Tour

Code: EMF
7 hours


Let’s go to admire form the sea this small island, uncommonly rich in history that hosts a wild and rare nature. A protected area of international importance where, in addition to finding endemic species such as the Filfla Lizard (which live only here) there are colonies of birds such as the European Storm-petrel – Kangu ta’ Filfla- protected species that finds on this small island a significant breeding site.

In short, Filfla is a little treasure from a particular story that is worth discovering and admiring. It is not possible to walk on the island, except for scientific purposes. With a special permit it is allowed to dive and snorkel in the waters surrounding it. Usually we sail/cruise around the island at minimum speed and at the right distance to observe the species of birds that may be there. However, we have a wonderful view of this small and fascinating island.

We want to share with our guest the emotion to discover a relevant site both historically and ecologically.
Term & Conditions


DEPARTURE TIME 8.30 please arrive 30 minutes before departure time
Marine Biologist 1 day cruise
Nibbles, Fresh Water, fresh fruit 2 swimming stops
Transport from the Hotel, we can book it for you
€85 -95


What is the trip about

Starting from Calcara Marina, sailing towards the south. We will sail along enchanting landscapes looking di marine life. After reaching the southern tip of the island, we will head towards
Filfla passing in front of Delimara near the fish farm, where is possible (but not sure) to see Dolphins and Storm-petrel feeding. Once close to Filfla, admire the small Island and try to spot the four species of birds that live there. Take a Marine life spotting session while returning back. There are two swimming and snorkelling stops.

According to the route chosen, we can have a swimming stop to Blue Grotto, another of the Maltese wonders. ; our courses are not fixed, they depend on the sightings of the day, the weather, the feeling of our guest. We aim to have an immersive trip in nature following what “Nettuno” decide to offer us.