What kind of research we do?

We aim to collect scientific data on specific indicators (as requested by MSDF) to share with universities and research institutions at both local and international level.

Why we do

Maltese waters are located in the Sicily channel above the Tunisian plateau, an area that represents an ecological and socioeconomic region of unique importance in the Mediterranean Sea. These waters harbour essential habitats for the survival of endangered species (i.e. long-beaked common dolphin).

Despite the presence of critical habitats, very little scientific knowledge is available about cetacean habitat use both spatially and temporally. To this end, whale/dolphin-watching activities can provide essential data to comprehend better species presence and distribution, also temporally.

Eco Marine Malta is performing the first ‘whale’ watching activity with the main aims being to conduct sustainable tourism and also collect scientific data on protected marine species (to learn more about our activities)

During our surveys, the most frequently sighted species is the common bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus).

We use the non-invasive mark-recapture survey technique: photo identification.

Future whale watching surveys and collaborations with NGOs and research/academic institutions can increase knowledge on marine mammals in Maltese waters, vital for the implementation of appropriate management strategies for marine conservation.