About us

Ecomarine Malta’s primary idea is to develop a sustainable form of tourism in order to respect the Ecosystem.
Ecomarine Malta was born in 2016 when Patrizia Patti, the founder, decided to bring her Italian experience here with the aim to create the first sustainable whale watching enterprise in Malta, taking up the challenge to merge public awareness with research.

During her “journey” Patricia has met many extraordinary people who have helped her and are helping her to make Eco Marine Malta the first Eco-friendly maritime activity.
Sara Pace, artist, teacher, graphic designer and beautiful person, always available and ready for observations.
Joanna Micalleff Farrugia, who with her professionalism has helped us to grow and understand the market; Serena Lagorio, marine biologist and oceanographer with the great passion for cetaceans and the sea. And many others.

This project is supported by the Maritime Seed Award 2017.

In 2013, under the guidance of Barbara Nani and with other partners, Patrizia co-founded a Cooperative that deals with Whale Watching and Environmental Education, in Imperia (Liguria-Italy), called Costa Balenae Whale and Nature Watching. The collaboration with Costa Balenae continues to this day, with the sharing of good practices, ideas and projects that will involve both companies in the future.