Why us

“Tourism can be Sustainable, and it can respect the ecosystem.”

We want to offer a new Eco-friendly experience respectful of nature and useful to learn how to protect our Ocean and our Planet Heart.

We decided to use a small boat, with a maximum of 12 people on board: less noise, less environmental pollution…because ” size matters.”

On board, an expert biologist will always guide our guests on a journey into nature and knowledge.

The experiences we offer are different from those provided on tours with 200 people on board. The small but comfortable size of the boat allows us to experience direct contact with the surrounding nature. There’s no hurry; there are no established routes as the weather affects the direction the boat will take, only nature and wildlife will determine our stops and our conversations about marine life.

Our boat is equipped with a hydrophone, not only to locate the animals but also to listen to the sounds produced by dolphins and sperm whales if encountered.

A briefing on the ecology of the islands, animal biology, pollution and conservation will introduce each of our trips and there will also be an explanation during the journey about any of the species encountered.

You can also enjoy the sun, the sea, meet new people, swim in extraordinary and beautiful places and learn more about the oceans and the amazing creatures that inhabit them. You can have a calm and relaxed experience at Sea!

On board there will be offered a selection of water, fresh fruit and Maltese nibbles.