North West sightings 2017

During the second excursion scheduled for 2017, we spotted dolphins, turtles, flamingos. A beautiful experience marked by heartfelt emotions.

North West Malta and Gozo

Marine life, what a day!!

Today The Marine Life spotting tour has been fantastic!!

We left at 9.00 am from Saint Paul Bay. We stretched the journey a little longer because there was a swimming marathon between Gozo and Comino to raise funds and then make a clean up of the seabed.

After passing Comino, we headed towards the sea, and around 11 am, Camilla one of our guests spotted the dolphins. A friendly group of Bottlenose dolphins, 12 in all with one calf and a couple of juveniles. The encounter has been beautiful; the dolphins came to play with the bow wave of the boat. We were able to observe their powerful but gentle swimming.

We spent about half an hour in their company, then following the International Code of Conduct rules, we left them. In the meantime, we have been able to photograph and film them and live the incredible emotion and joy that these animals always give us.

After leaving the dolphins, we got back on course, and soon afterwards we stopped to listen with the hydrophone the underwater sounds. We gave ourselves an adrenaline swim in the deep blue. The depth of the sea at that point was about 1000 meters.

After swimming, we had a snack, and we left towards the coast, after about half an hour of travel we saw a beautiful turtle breathing on the surface. We were able to approach it slowly and observe it, a few minutes and then away towards the coast again. While sailing in the distance in the background of the majestic cliffs of Gozo, we spotted a flock of pink flamingos migrating to Sicily. WOOW what a day! Finally, we stopped for a swim at Crystal Lagoon and then we went back to Saint Paul Bay, happy, with the eyes filled with beautiful images and the heart full of emotions. An extraordinary day.