European Maritime Day 2019 – Mellieha bay Malta – Free event

The European Maritime Day (EMD) is the annual two-day event during which Europe’s maritime community meet to network, discuss and forge joint action. It targets maritime professionals, entrepreneurs and ocean leaders.

The 2019 European Maritime Day conference will take place in Lisbon, Portugal. But there is not only one EMD. In parallel, a series of local EMD events are organised across Europe. This enables the many European regions with a maritime culture to join in the celebrations and highlight the vital role of the seas and oceans.

With this experience, we aim to promote cultural awareness and marine education in an enjoyable, engaging and emotional way. #EMDinmycountry

This year we are organising the #EMDinmycountry with Global Mindset Development 

in collaboration with Sara Pace Artist, BirdLife Malta, Malta bus CoopOh Yeah Malta, Tunnara Museum, Imperial Band Club Mellieha 

The day will be full of activities related to the sea, environmental conservation and discovering the  Maltese culture
The activities will start and take place near the Tunnara Museum in Mellieha.
Some activities can be carried out by booking and paying a small fee, but it will be worth it!

Family and group discounts – contact us at +356-77039356

Sea and land tour: Life in the Mediterranean Sea 

Sea and land is an experience starting from the sea than moving through the land of Mellieha to discover this fantastic territory in all its totality to respect the marine ecosystem, the Maltese culture and the area overlooking the bay of Mellieha. A journey into nature and culture!

Through the Life in the mediterranean sea, Sea and land Special Tour, we wish to give people the opportunity to experience a profound and up-close connection with nature and to help them to grow as responsible citizens.

Sea and Land tour: Life in the Mediterranean sea  

  • 9.30     Meeting at the Tunnara Museum Mellieha
  • 10.00    Group A– Tunnara Museum Group B Boat Tour
  • 11.00    Group B – Tunnara Museum  Group A – Boat tour
  • 12:30   Light Lunch at the Imperial Band Club Mellieha
  • 14.00   Group A + Group B – Land tour with the multicultural expert Viviana Premazzi
  • 16.00    End of the tour close to the Tunnara Museum

Price 55  euro per adults 35 children 5-10 years old  BOOK NOW

 Discovering the sea and how to protect it – Free event

During the afternoon there will be the possibility to visit the Tunnara Museum and participate in creative recycling activities with Jacqueline Panzavecchia.

The marine biologist of EcoMarine Malta will explain their job and will show the instruments they use during marine research activities. The Arcipelagu Garnija Project Team of BirdLife Malta will explain their activities and introduce us to the wonderful world of seabirds.They are preparing a fantastic game for kids about the threats seabirds facing. The families will find out what they can do to contribute to our effort in protecting these species

Discovering the sea and how to protect it – Free event

  • 15.00    Commencement of the installation of “Plastic Tuna” in life-size. Creative recycling with Sara Pace
  • 15.00    Whale and dolphin of the Mediterranean. Discover the cetaceans of the Mediterranean Sea with Patrizia Patti
  • 15.30    Boat tour of Mellieha Bay with the marine biologist and BirdLife expert with Oh Yeah Malta – booking required at 22 euro per adults and 18 children 5-10 years old. Max 15 persons per trip
  • 16.00    Meet  Pinnetta the curious dolphin. An original tale about cetaceans written by Claudia Fachinetti
  • 16.30    Boat tour of Mellieha bay with the marine biologist and the expert of BirdLife Malta with Oh Yeah Malta –booking required at 22 euro per adults and 18 children 5-10 years old. Max 15 persons per trip
  • 17.15     Drawing workshop with Sara Pace. Learn how to draw dolphins, turtles and fish.
  • 18.15     Marine life in the Maltese Islands
  • 19.30    Event closure: Tribute to the Sea by the Imperial band club