Turtle Tracking

How do you track a turtle’s movements in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea? Ask Chopsly!
An important part of the pilot study that we are currently conducting on behalf of the ERA – Environment & Resources Authority, partly funded by the Maritime and Fisheries Operational Programme, is the application of an S-TDR (Satellite-relayed time-depth recorder) to track the vertical and horizontal movement of a loggerhead turtle.
The aim of turtle tracking is to collect data on the distribution and spatial habitat use of this species in Malta. In addition, with this device, we will be able to get information on its behaviour, residency patterns, and interaction with fisheries.
The tag for turtle tracking was applied on Chopsly, a rehabilitated male loggerhead turtle, under the supervision of our collaborator and expert Dr. ALan Frederick Rees, who will keep track of the turtle’s movements in the upcoming months.
Chopslywas rescued by Nature Trust – FEE Malta and finally released on the 23rd of August at Gnejna Bay. We are now very happy to know he’s swimming free in the sea, heading East.
To know more about sea turtle, follow the link!