Marine Life Spotting

8 hours


Join the first and exclusive Marine Life spotting experience, share this experience with the loved ones, friends and family in a private and exclusive tour.

EcoMarine Malta  is the first company offering Eco-friendly boat based tour in Malta.
One  day to reconnect with nature looking for marine life and living an emotional experience in close contact with the Sea. No rush, no scheduled stops and go, one days following nature beats and customers needs in total respect of the environment and marine life.

Sailing towards the South of Malta discovering a new way this fantastic part of the Island, full of amazing landscapes and hidden places where to swim and have incredible snorkelling sessions. Breathing the soul of the sea , recharging our energy our body and our mind with positive thought, experiencing the power of nature, its beauty and its importance.

One day in close contact with nature to learn something new while enjoying the amazing landscape surrounding the Maltese Islands.

Term & Conditions

Marine Life Spotting Info:

DEPARTURE TIME 9.00 a.m Please arrive at least 30 minutes before stating time

we will come back around 4:30 pm

Expert marine biologist 6/7 hours cruise
Maltese nibbles, water swimming stop
Transport from and to the departure point
  €95 per person


What is the trip about

Starting from Kalkara Marina sailing cruising towards the south of the Island to discover amazing and incredible landscapes.

There will be the first marine life spotting session. We’ll go to search for the pod of dolphin that we are studying trying to get new pictures for our Photo-identification catalogue. the sightings are not guaranteed but we’ll do our best to find them and let you know how to approach dolphins without stressing them, following the Good code of conduct

After the marine life spotting session, there will be the first stop in some amazing bay in the south where we can have a tip and eat some appetizer together while discussing marine life and protected species present in the Maltese Archipelago.

We’ll restart our tour going back towards Kalkara Marina.  There will be time for another marine life spotting session following a different route looking again for our pod trying to understand what they do at a different time of the day.

Sightings are not guaranteed, we can guarantee an amazing day on the sea discovering the secrets of our unique Mediterranean Sea.