Wellness, awareness and interconnectedness more than a team building experience

In collaboration with Global Mindset Development 

We do sustainable and ecofriendly activities on the boat to  promote diversity and develop a Global Mindset through cross-cultural understanding. We enhance communication, productivity and sense of belonging. A new way to do Team Building activities.

Reconnecting with nature for a better life – a different kin of Team Building

We learn by doing, we understand by touching, observing and smelling

The workplace is an ecosystem with rules to respect so that everything works well, sometimes this creates stress and emotional situation. Rediscovering the connection with the world around us experiencing the emotions in front of the beauty, the strength and power of nature, help us to reconnect with ourselves. We feel safe and therefore more open to positive relationships in our “human” ecosystem.

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A 6 hours boat excursion, Global Mindset Development combined with  Environmental Education: learning to understand the people, the worlds and the environment around us to better take care of and protect it.

Participants will not only gain invaluable marine experience, and personal development but they will also grow as responsible citizens and reliable teammate.

During the excursion, you will be involved in team building activities to enhance trust among the members of your team, together with your colleagues you will face and overcome your fears and compete to be the best eco-sailor of the day.