The best Marine Park in Malta


There’s no place like home, whether you’re a human, a bird in a tree or a fish in the sea….home is where the heart is. Malta’s beautiful seas are the home of an abundance of species, and the Bottlenose Dolphin loves nothing more than being free. Book now a marine life spotting experience in the wild!

These intelligent creatures spend their days exploring and playing, a skill that increases their brain capacity from an early age. When you see a dolphin out at sea, and not trapped in a pool or aquarium tank you can really clearly appreciate their true characters.

They have an incredible sense of space and awareness and their curiosity will surprise you. When you join EcoMarine Malta on a day out at sea, we’ll go teach you everything you need to know about our local wildlife, and you will be able to discover it all for yourselves, in its natural habitat: the open sea.

EcoMarine Malta is all about freedom and encourages non-invasive techniques for research and viewings. National parks are a threat to species and live shows are in actual fact way better when seen from a boat out at sea. You don’t need to stress a creature out by caging it, or putting it in a tank to be able to admire it in its full glory. Our marine park is the sea, and thankfully in Malta we are surrounded by one of the most beautiful ones in the world: the warm Mediterranean Sea: Malta’s best marine park.