Adopt a dolphin

It is with great pride that we can now officially call on the public to adopt a pod of dolphins. When you adopt a dolphin we’ll tell you everything about your new friend. You’ll help us track their movements and we’ll share their fascinating stories with you. You’ll be the first to know when the pod grows in size with new calves and you’ll find out about the fun games they play as a group. Adolescent dolphins play to learn how to hunt and develop their own games to sharpen their senses. 

Lucky for us, dolphins thrive in the Mediterranean sea and here at EcoMarine Malta we have developed a relationship with our local pods. We check up on each other regularly and study their patterns, ensuring they are not in any danger.

Dolphin Friend – 15 Euro

Choosing Dolphin Friend you will receive an E-mail Adoption Certificate. You will, also,  receive our Newsletter with all the news about the pod of Maltese dolphin you are contributing to study and protect. (add 10Euro to have printed and delivered)

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Dolphin Supporter -55 Euro

Choosing Dolphin Supporter you will receive an E-mail Adoption Certificate, one dolphin/pod picture, one dolphin’s fact card, one T-shirt with the amazing graphics by Roberto Apostolo, More Interactive

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Family Member – 90 Euro

Choosing Family member you will receive the “Dolphin supporter” kit plus the Dolphin calendar 2021 and the lovely book “The adventures of Federico and the dolphin Pinnetta” written by Claudia Fachinetti directed by Patrizia Patti and Antonella Napolitano.

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Meet the dolphins- 150 euro

Choosing Meet the dolphins you will receive the Family member kit plus Marine life spotting tour for 1 person. Enjoy one day looking for the pod of dolphin you are helping to study and protect. You’ll have the chance to meet in the wild the dolphins you are adopting!

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By adopting a dolphin you’ll be a part of the team here as your help directly influences the dolphins. You’ll get a certificate which you can hang with pride and show all your friends about the good work you are doing for the environment. We’ll send you photos of your pod in the wild as we track them to ensure they are not in any danger and we will teach you about our scientific techniques. You’ll learn everything there is to know about your pod, and by reading your letters from us you’ll find out about the secret and special world a dolphin lives in. 

Look at our Pod’s dolphins.

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