Value for environment

We live in days when it is still possible to do something to save our planet.

“Six decades into the future, it will be too late to do what is possible right now. We are in a sweet spot in time. Never again will there be a better time to take actions that can ensure an enduring place for ourselves within the living systems that sustain us.’ Sylvia A. Earle.

We, humans, have caused severe damage to the environment, but now we can and must say “enough”. Every person can do something: reduce the use of plastic, use recycled and reusable stuff, waste less water, separate garbage collection, stop using straws and plastic cups. Many small actions when carried out by millions of people will have a positive impact on the environment.

In addition to spreading and sharing these good practices, we at Eco-Marine Malta want to help the environment through our activities: environmental education for children and adults, doing our tours with a small boat, using solar panels for the onboard utilities, following international and national codes of conduct when sighting animals, paying attention to where we throw the anchor to avoid destroying the Neptune grass etc.

We like the idea of sharing our knowledge with as many people as possible.