Filfla 10 June 2018

Bottlenose dolphins, an unforgettable day


Fifla tour with dolphins

For ten days the wind has blown on the Maltese Islands with gusts up to thirty knots. But the 10th it was better 10 knots max, so we decide to do our Filfla tour. On board, the crew are Alexia Mass-Gallucci as biologist and Alessandro as her assistant. They sailed towards the fish farm close to Delimara and here they could spot a group of seven bottlenose dolphins. The excellent sighting was brutally interrupted by a speedboat running at high speed between our boat and the fish farms where the dolphins were eating, careless of our boat and even less of the dolphins who, given the high speed, they have not also seen. Unfortunately, a lot of people use the sea not only as a landfill but also as a “road for high-speed racing” without caring about animals that could hurt or damage.
After that, they sailed towards Filfla where they spotted a lot of Yellow-legged gulls  had a good snorkelling time