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At Ecomarine Malta, we want to create both relaxing and educational Eco-friendly tours for everyone who wants to sail with us. Discovering astonishing landscapes, swimming at sunset and sunrise in breathtaking bays recharging your body and mind. Promote marine conservation and dolphin’s protection for a better future. 

A unique experience that will let you experience the research we carry on and be part of something significant increasing awareness of the importance of the sea and oceans for all of us. 

With your help:

  • We will fund our research and buy more equipment to increase the quality of the data obtained.
  • We will increase our ocean literacy activities in school, letting new generations understand the importance of the environment, especially the marine environment, for all life. 
  • We will raise awareness of the marine environment during our tours.

Becoming our Patron you’ll be part of one of the most important and honorable missions that exist: protect our planet!

you’ll receive constant updates on our research and activities, photos and data on the majestic animals we will encounter. You will be part of this incredible work, maybe taking part firsthandle in our tours!.

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