Marine ScientArtist

Why we do

Our goal is to educate children about the Marine environment in a fun and engaging way. What could be better than mixing Art and Science?

In collaboration with Sara Pace

What we do

We offer a two day educative hands on course.

The course includes a classroom session where, through videos, slides and experiments, the Marine Biologist will explain the secrets of the Mediterranean Sea, in particular those of the waters surrounding Malta.
The students will then have the opportunity to re-elaborate the information received together with the artist; Sara, and transform the scientific notions into Art. In this way, learning becomes fun, simple and helps the children to turn thoughts into emotions.

Day 1 @Takeoff (University) 9.00 – 13.00
The first day will consist of an in-class session where through videos, audio, experiments and other resources, we shall discover, through fun activities that involve the kids. They will learn through the use of different materials and methods used for the collection of scientific data. This in-class session will be a preparation for the practical session held on the second day, the on-site “field work” experience.


Day 2- @ the beach in Ġnejna or Għadira bay9.00 – 13.00
Meeting with the young ScientArtists at the beach where students can learn to recognize the main marine organisms, animals, plants, their adaptations and some nice curiosities through practical and direct experiments and Artistic activities.
With the activity “the great search” the students, divided into groups, will explore the beach in search of some elements that will be useful during the re-elaboration phase of the information recognizing the differences between a mollusc or a crustacean, understanding what influences the colour of the sea or how a beach is formed. The materials found – whether natural or man-made will be identified and then used to create a 2D or 3D art piece.