Code: BIOS
7 hours


A day to discover the Marine Ecosystem and the Secret of Sailing with Patrizia Patti and an expert skipper 

On a sailing boat, the clarity of roles and tasks leaves no room for mediation on rules and responsibilities. Do not mess with the sea, to make a sailboat go strong you need a performing and cohesive crew. The boat becomes a Blue classroom where discover the characteristics of the Maltese Sea and its Marine Life.

An amazing experience for your kids

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  • Know the sea and the atmospheric agents that influence it (wind, tides, waves, currents …)
  • Learn the main knots used in the boat
  • Learn to take on roles and responsibilities and respect each other
  • Learn to collaborate with your team
  • Learn how to spot marine life, collect data and recognise the different species present in Maltese water
DEPARTURE TIME 8.30 – 9.00 please arrive 15 minutes before dept. time
Marine Biologist, Sailing expert 1-day cruise
Nibbles, Fresh Water, fresh fruit 2 swimming stops
Transport from the Hotel, we can book it for you
100 euro  t least 6  kids max 10
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The routes will be chosen two days earlier following wind forecast to prepare the better experience possible.

The activities will be held on the Amethyst a Dofour 44 .

 Sail instructor – 45 minutes in the harbour

  • Practical lesson on the main sea knots
  • Lesson on the wind, the windrose and meteorology
  • Rules and responsibility on the boat
  • With the participants will plot the route to be followed during the day

 Marine biologist – 45 minutes in the harbour

  • Mediterranean Sea and Maltese waters
  • Species present in Maltese waters
  • How to fill a navigation form during a research day

Marine Biologist during navigation

  • Marine life spotting shifts (2 kids per time)
  • Listening with the hydrophone (depending on the weather 2 kids per time)
  • Filling the Navigation form
  • Collecting data about sea condition, presence of animals, temperature of the sea water …..

During the practical lesson at sea the basic concepts and terminology of the boat and marine biology will be presented.